I am filing this out here so I can reflect back in a year.


Goals for 2016:


  1. Truly make trackers for my goals. I want to really start tracking things I want to do.  Seems like 2015 flew by and       there was a lot I didn’t accomplish.


  1. Improve my Spanish and German. I have tons of friends that speak English as a second or even third language.  Some I     have known for almost 20 years…their English is now better than mine and I am still illiterate to theirs.


  1. Eat better…little by little. I know I need to work on this.  I will make no promises.  I want to be fit and trim for my cruise in 2017.


  1. Run at least 5 races… 5k, 10k, Half or Full Marathon… doesn’t really matter..


  1. Travel..short local to nowhere special…


  1. Read 12 books..any type. Hopefully at least 2 with Nichole.


  1. Hiking…I love to do it..and the exercise is great for me. Hopefully I can get Nichole more involved in walking with     me this year.


  1. Disconnect from electronics. This is a big one for me… I know it’s my job, but it truly kills your free thinking.  I will definitely do less social media like Facebook and concentrate on my blog.  I will check in every so often but I will definitely pull back.  My little experiment over the summer was like juicing for the brain.  Taking the summer away from social media was very cleansing.  Sometimes I don’t need a feed of everything happening in all 50 states and the World in 30 minutes or less.


  1. Get more certifications… you can never have enough….especially in my industry. Top Dogs don’t rest.


  1. I will leave #10 open… I don’t want to limit myself..