I have been really busy in preparation for the arrival of my new treadmill.  I have constantly peeped into the “fitness” room, dozens of times over the last few weeks just imagining how the treadmill will look once inside.  It’s been an exciting journey waiting for its arrival.  I haven’t felt this way in a couple of years and it truly feels good inside.

I have been preparing for my new fitness regimen by ramping up my fitness accessory efforts.  I ordered a fitness watch that is compatible with my treadmill.  They call it IFit Vue it’s compatible with my new treadmill and it comes with a tracking app that I can use on my Apple products.  I love it.  Now I can compete with Nichole’s FitBit thingy.  She is always talking about steps.. well there.. now I have steps too.  Its good to have that type of competition I guess.

Over the last few weeks, I have been exploring the trails all over Richmond.  It has been such a joy because we truly have some beautiful parks and rivers.  I could never replace the feeling of walking a trail with this treadmill, but I know it will keep me honest during the up coming winter months.  I did a short trek along the James River (2.29 miI ) a couple weeks ago and most recently completed a few loops and trails at Bryan Park (4.78 mi).  I really had a good time.  It was such a stress relief from thinking about work and the rigors of life.

I love being outside and I know that this treadmill will get me in the running shape needed for my much desired outside activities. I just joined a little competition sponsored by my friend Mandi.  Its like a biggest loser group.  We use this page (dietbet.com) to track who is doing what.  Just a friendly way of tracking each other…if you are one of my Facebook friends and want to join let me know soon.   Anyway,  guess what?  It arrived yesterday and I couldn’t wait to put it together.  I totally damaged like five walls bringing it upstairs.  I have to give thanks to Jaiden and Noelani for helping.  It was a beast!!  I mean way over 250 lbs of awkwardness flipping and flopping up the stairs.  Needless to say Nichole was not happy with how the walls looked after our efforts.

The efforts were not in vain.  I love this machine already.  It has lots of features and the videos make you feel mobile and not so closed in while you are running.  This helps contradict one of the biggest complaints I hear about treadmills: how people are so bored while running on them.  I love the way you can schedule workouts and watch videos featuring far away trails …it makes you feel like you are taking each curve and hiking every hill.


So I am well on my way…there is no other option now… it’s totally up to me to drive to my fitness goals.  Now let’s look at that diet of mine….