I have to admit it.  I have let myself go.  I have taken years of physical training and flushed it down the drain.  Over the last two years, I have eaten and drank like an Ole English King.  I won’t try to say I haven’t enjoyed my break from life and my career from the military.  I just let go.  I actually just stop caring.  Oh,  believe me I didn’t want to gain this much weight, but I did.  I lost some and gained back more.  The main reason can’t be blamed solely on the food and beer.  I just stopped exercising. I did the normal sign up for a gym membership for the family,  that none of us hardly use; mainly because of the inconvenience.  I am officially over it.  I am going to get a cruise fit body and I can’t wait to see the results.  I don’t want to be the guy below…you know trying to walk around sucking in every step.  I want to truly be able to relax and explore.  I want to make a change.


Okay…seriously you guys know I am not going to give up drinking beer or even bacon.  It’s not happening.  I am not going to even try and lie to myself.  I love the B’s… Beer, Bread, and Bacon.  I have all my life.  Nothing has changed there.  I just need to  exercise more.  I want to be fit and healthy.  I really don’t care about my weight.  I want to be in shape.  I want to climb mountains again, hike through forests, and swim in lagoons.  I would be embarrassed to do that now.  I want to be Cruise Ship Sexy for Nichole!  I don’t want this to happen to me:


My journey will be long,  and rough.  I want fitness to once again to be part of my weekly life.  I have cancelled my gym membership that I never use and ordered an awesome treadmill (PRO 9000 PFTL19214).  It’s a start.  I can use this at anytime of the day.. watch TV and listen to music.  It even gives me the ability to virtually run as if I am on the location of choice.  I want to make a change and it starts today.  I will log my journey here for my own reflection.  I don’t want to be “Four Head-sizes” anymore:


It’s time for a change… and it starts now.  I want to look good for this cruise (Carnival Vista – April 2017)..and I just need to get focused and attack this one mile at a time.  Wish me success on my journey…. more to come.