Hey summer is over ..time to get out there and get active again!

It’s that time again when you realize that you have lost the fight.  It happens around this time every year.  You partied all summer long and now you look at your mid section in disgust.  Hey it was fun getting here, but you know deep inside that this is not where you should be.  I am on my trek once again to fight the calorie battle and get my self ready for this cruise on April the 8th of next year.  The weather outside is great so I have no excuses!!  The hot season is coming to a close and its time to get out there and get active!


2016: Goals and changes…


I am filing this out here so I can reflect back in a year.


Goals for 2016:


  1. Truly make trackers for my goals. I want to really start tracking things I want to do.  Seems like 2015 flew by and       there was a lot I didn’t accomplish.


  1. Improve my Spanish and German. I have tons of friends that speak English as a second or even third language.  Some I     have known for almost 20 years…their English is now better than mine and I am still illiterate to theirs.


  1. Eat better…little by little. I know I need to work on this.  I will make no promises.  I want to be fit and trim for my cruise in 2017.


  1. Run at least 5 races… 5k, 10k, Half or Full Marathon… doesn’t really matter..


  1. Travel..short local trips..flights to nowhere special…


  1. Read 12 books..any type. Hopefully at least 2 with Nichole.


  1. Hiking…I love to do it..and the exercise is great for me. Hopefully I can get Nichole more involved in walking with     me this year.


  1. Disconnect from electronics. This is a big one for me… I know it’s my job, but it truly kills your free thinking.  I will definitely do less social media like Facebook and concentrate on my blog.  I will check in every so often but I will definitely pull back.  My little experiment over the summer was like juicing for the brain.  Taking the summer away from social media was very cleansing.  Sometimes I don’t need a feed of everything happening in all 50 states and the World in 30 minutes or less.


  1. Get more certifications… you can never have enough….especially in my industry. Top Dogs don’t rest.


  1. I will leave #10 open… I don’t want to limit myself..

There is no other option ….

I have been really busy in preparation for the arrival of my new treadmill.  I have constantly peeped into the “fitness” room, dozens of times over the last few weeks just imagining how the treadmill will look once inside.  It’s been an exciting journey waiting for its arrival.  I haven’t felt this way in a couple of years and it truly feels good inside.

I have been preparing for my new fitness regimen by ramping up my fitness accessory efforts.  I ordered a fitness watch that is compatible with my treadmill.  They call it IFit Vue it’s compatible with my new treadmill and it comes with a tracking app that I can use on my Apple products.  I love it.  Now I can compete with Nichole’s FitBit thingy.  She is always talking about steps.. well there.. now I have steps too.  Its good to have that type of competition I guess.

Over the last few weeks, I have been exploring the trails all over Richmond.  It has been such a joy because we truly have some beautiful parks and rivers.  I could never replace the feeling of walking a trail with this treadmill, but I know it will keep me honest during the up coming winter months.  I did a short trek along the James River (2.29 miI ) a couple weeks ago and most recently completed a few loops and trails at Bryan Park (4.78 mi).  I really had a good time.  It was such a stress relief from thinking about work and the rigors of life.

I love being outside and I know that this treadmill will get me in the running shape needed for my much desired outside activities. I just joined a little competition sponsored by my friend Mandi.  Its like a biggest loser group.  We use this page (dietbet.com) to track who is doing what.  Just a friendly way of tracking each other…if you are one of my Facebook friends and want to join let me know soon.   Anyway,  guess what?  It arrived yesterday and I couldn’t wait to put it together.  I totally damaged like five walls bringing it upstairs.  I have to give thanks to Jaiden and Noelani for helping.  It was a beast!!  I mean way over 250 lbs of awkwardness flipping and flopping up the stairs.  Needless to say Nichole was not happy with how the walls looked after our efforts.

The efforts were not in vain.  I love this machine already.  It has lots of features and the videos make you feel mobile and not so closed in while you are running.  This helps contradict one of the biggest complaints I hear about treadmills: how people are so bored while running on them.  I love the way you can schedule workouts and watch videos featuring far away trails …it makes you feel like you are taking each curve and hiking every hill.


So I am well on my way…there is no other option now… it’s totally up to me to drive to my fitness goals.  Now let’s look at that diet of mine….

One soup and salad at a time….

I could smell them before I even entered the cafeteria.  I knew that scent all too common to my nose,  the extra crispy french fries that were part of my lunch staple.   The short order clerk blurted loudly, “I know what you want…Bacon Cheeseburger with pepper-jack cheese”, she knew my weakness.  I said, “Oh no I’ll just have a small cup of three bean soup”.  It was painful pulling the spinach chef salad from the refrigerator as I scanned the prepared food counter. “We got them reubens too…”,  she said in a sing-song voice.  This lady was killing me. I wanted to beg her to fix me one, but I knew I had a mission.  My mission was to change my ways.  To still eat like a normal person, but to not go all out every day.  I needed to cut back.  I needed to make better choices and pave a way to a healthier lifestyle.

I’m not trying to pretend that I am going all vegetarian or anything like that.  I just know I need to make better choices.  I didn’t even drink coffee today.  That is a big change for me.  I drank just water all day.  It was a little bit of a struggle and I did crave my usual cups of coffee, but I knew I needed to change my habits even if it is just by one soup and salad at a time.


I’m fat…

I have to admit it.  I have let myself go.  I have taken years of physical training and flushed it down the drain.  Over the last two years, I have eaten and drank like an Ole English King.  I won’t try to say I haven’t enjoyed my break from life and my career from the military.  I just let go.  I actually just stop caring.  Oh,  believe me I didn’t want to gain this much weight, but I did.  I lost some and gained back more.  The main reason can’t be blamed solely on the food and beer.  I just stopped exercising. I did the normal sign up for a gym membership for the family,  that none of us hardly use; mainly because of the inconvenience.  I am officially over it.  I am going to get a cruise fit body and I can’t wait to see the results.  I don’t want to be the guy below…you know trying to walk around sucking in every step.  I want to truly be able to relax and explore.  I want to make a change.


Okay…seriously you guys know I am not going to give up drinking beer or even bacon.  It’s not happening.  I am not going to even try and lie to myself.  I love the B’s… Beer, Bread, and Bacon.  I have all my life.  Nothing has changed there.  I just need to  exercise more.  I want to be fit and healthy.  I really don’t care about my weight.  I want to be in shape.  I want to climb mountains again, hike through forests, and swim in lagoons.  I would be embarrassed to do that now.  I want to be Cruise Ship Sexy for Nichole!  I don’t want this to happen to me:


My journey will be long,  and rough.  I want fitness to once again to be part of my weekly life.  I have cancelled my gym membership that I never use and ordered an awesome treadmill (PRO 9000 PFTL19214).  It’s a start.  I can use this at anytime of the day.. watch TV and listen to music.  It even gives me the ability to virtually run as if I am on the location of choice.  I want to make a change and it starts today.  I will log my journey here for my own reflection.  I don’t want to be “Four Head-sizes” anymore:


It’s time for a change… and it starts now.  I want to look good for this cruise (Carnival Vista – April 2017)..and I just need to get focused and attack this one mile at a time.  Wish me success on my journey…. more to come.